Why shoes?
Nearly 300 million people go without shoes each day and millions are plagued with foot-borne illnesses that may be preventable by simple protection – shoes. 
We collect shoes for three simple reasons: 

to give, to help, and to receive. 

We collect shoes to give:  

Many people that Journey Home Jamaica ministers to either live in remote or treacherous mountain regions of Jamaica and walk barefoot on the sharp rocks. Shoes protect feet from getting cut, getting infected, from foot-borne disease, and also keep us comfortable by keeping feet clean and dry. First and foremost, we give shoes away to those who need them. 

We collect shoes to help:

In Jamaica, like in other third world countries, jobs are scarce. 

A portion of the shoes that we collect can be either given to budding entrepreneurs as a “loan” that they will pay back when they can to help them start a business, or as a donation that they can use for income to help sustain their family.  We hope that our gifts of shoes can help micro-economy on this tiny island.   

We collect shoes to receive:

The shoes that we can’t use or don’t give to those who need them or use to help a support a family through micro-economy, we sell to exporters.  The money that we collect helps to keep our Journey Home Jamaica facilities open and running.  Each month we need to feed and clothe many children, send them to school, have house mothers and teachers who care for them around the clock, and keep up the buildings and grounds of our facilities.  Shoes help to finance some of these activities. 

What kinds of shoes do we collect?

We collect all new and gently used shoes.  Anything from slippers to flip-flops, tennis shoes to boots can be donated.  We then sort the shoes in to one of the three categories listed above based on their condition and the need at the time of your donation.  

Drop off locations:

High Street United Methodist Church. - 219 S. High Street.

Taylor Architects Inc. - 111 E. Washington St.


Just look for the bins with the Shoes for Jamaica sign on it!  To ensure that no shoe is left without it’s mate, please make sure that your shoes are paired together either with a rubber band, in a plastic bag, or simply tie the laces together.  Thanks! 

Become a drop off location:

Would your church or office be willing to be a Shoes for Jamaica drop off location?  We would love to hear from you!  We will provide you with a collection bin and you can simply contact us when you would like us to pick up shoes from you. Generally, we are able to coordinate a pick up with in just a couple days.  We would ask, though, that you have a place to store at least 3 to 4 large garbage bags before we come to pick them up.  Thanks! 

Host a shoe drive:

Would you like to help Journey Home Jamaica by collecting shoes at your next event?  It’s simple!  We would be happy to work with you to help you by answering any questions that you have, by providing signage for your event, and by helping you to promote on our website and through social media.  Consider leaving your shoe drive open for at least two weeks and no longer than one month.
Do you have an upcoming bar-be-cue, pancake breakfast or sporting event?  Consider making shoes a part of the cost of admission!  How about a friendly competition between rival businesses, different community groups or Sunday school classes in your church?  Have fun while making a difference!
Interested in using shoes as a fundraiser for your school or other non-profit?  Contact us for more details!