Want to help send something meaningful along to Jamaica?  Get your group or organization involved by packing up some personal care kits, school kits or baby care kits!  We’ll take them along and send you pictures of those who receive them! 

Personal Care Kits



Bar of soap

1 toothbrush

Tube of toothpaste

1 small bottle shampoo

Nail clipper with file

Comb or brush

6 Band-aids


Disposable razor

1 hand towel

2 wash cloths


Optional items: 

Hand lotion

Hand sanitizer

Body wash

Toothbrush holder


Wrap all items in the hand towel and secure in a gallon size Ziploc bag; one kit per bag.  

School Kits




2 spiral bound notebooks


Pencil sharpener

1 pair blunt tipped scissors

4 pencils

2 blue or black pens

1 box crayons

Large eraser



Please remove any excess packaging from items for easier packing and transport.

Place all small items on top of paper and slide into a small drawstring backpack. 


Instructions for sewing drawstring bags can be downloaded from the image above.


*Contents of kits can be donated without the bag. 

Baby Care Kits



2 Cotton T-shirts

2 Receiving Blankets

4 Cloth Diapers

1 Tube Diaper Rash Ointment

1 Bottle Baby Shampoo

1 Bottle Baby Lotion

1 Bottle Baby Powder 

2 Diaper Pins or Large Safety Pins

1 Small Hand Towel

2 Small Washcloths




Wrap all items in one of the receiving blankets and secure in drawstring bag like the one shown below.



* Items can be donated without the bag.




Optional items:

Baby Nail Clipper

Nasal Aspirator     

1 or 2 Pacifiers

Teething Ring