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Ever considered going on a mission trip?

Why go on a mission trip?  Because short term missions are a powerful way to awaken your spirit to the greater things of God.  Although mission trips are designed to serve others, it is really those doing the serving that gain the most.  Mission trips are what God often uses to slow down people long enough to show them His purpose in their lives. 


Ministry Projects:


Journey Home Jamaica has teamed up with Word to Life Church in Negril, Jamaica to provide many outreach and ministry programs! 


  • Journey Home Jamaica:

caring for orphaned and displaced children and providing jobs to widowed and single moms

  • School Outreach:

providing supplies and friendship to young children

  • Bible Study:

reaching people through scripture and fellowship 

  • Distribution Center:

providing clothes, shoes and relief items to those in need

  • Modern Manna:

food distribution to the hungry 

  • Street Ministry:

witnessing one on one to the lost



Wondering what to expect in Jamaica?


Food: Some Jamaican food can be spicy but also very delicious.  The water in Jamaica is clean and pure.  Be prepared to be a little adventurous and try some dishes that may be a little different than what you are used to.    


Dress:  Please dress modestly during your trip. Jamaican women often wear dresses or long skirts and men wear collared shirts and ties to church.  While working and in ministry we will wear comfortable clothing appropriate to the day.  Make sure to have along sturdy, comfortable shoes as mountain terrain in remote villages can be rough. 


Weather: Temperatures in Jamaica range from 70 to 97 degrees year round.  Expect hot and humid weather during the day and cooler temperatures at night.  


Sightseeing: One full day of your trip will include a sightseeing excursion which could include visiting YS Falls, a Black River Safari Cruise, a day on beautiful Seven-Mile Beach in Negril, snorkeling in the Caribbean Ocean, or a trip to Blue Hole Mineral Springs. 


Travel documents: All that is needed to travel to Jamaica is a current and valid passport.  Those under age 18 will require a notarized letter from parents. 



About the Trip


What’s included? 


  • All ground transportation on the island, including airport transfers


  • All food and lodging on your trip


  • One day sightseeing that could include waterfalls, beaches, or river safari trip


  • All ministry and construction materials


  • Training and any training materials


  • Journey Home Jamaica Ministry T-shirt 




Cost varies by itinerary.


Consider taking your whole family

on a Mission Vacation!



For more information or reservations contact:


Jennifer Everetts (765) 729-0196


We need people to help us share the love of Jesus.  He is calling us to go out and be the church. We want to make a difference and we want you to join us!



Whether you are 14 or 94, we will help you to incorporate your gifts, talents, abilities and heart to serve in your best capability. 


Click on this image to download our Mission Trips Brochure.

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