Interested in hosting a FUNd-raiser to help Journey Home Jamaica?  


* Host a Caribbean dinner, chilli cook off or pancake breakfast

* Have a bake sale and/or car wash in your church parking lot

* Place donation buckets in the back of your church or around town

* Have a rummage sale, a boutique sale of used formal wear, or a used book sale

* Sell homemade goodies such as salsa and chips, cheese balls, or chocolate covered pretzels

* Have a goods, services and talent auction night; couple it with a potato bar or spaghetti dinner

* Put on a variety show, benefit concert or dinner theater production

* Have a carnival or fun fair in a gym or church fellowship hall 

* Flock your neighbors yard with plastic flamingos or a traveling toilet (they will pay you to have them removed!)

* Sell Journey Home Jamaica T-shirts or handmade Jamaican jewelry 

* Partner with companies such as Compelled Designs or MudLove who do fundraisers for adoption ministry support; click the links above for more information.



Are you interested in going to Jamaica to see first hand what you can do to help?  Visit our mission trips page for more information.  Then contact us to help get your fundraiser started today!